Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Inaugural LOLDUCK post, join the flock submit your LOLDUCK's

So I think I may have Accidentally created a copycat Meme that might have some wings. Pun intended, My idea was hatched by my Angry Duck post on My blog "What's the difference between a duck". After I posted it, I realized it was a LOLcat but with a Duck.
So what do you think, could we start the next great internets Meme? Probably not, but its fun to try. So I propose a new blog which I may start tonight, having to do with LOLduck. More news soon.

Work in progress be patient, but I plan on setting up a email address for your submissions.
UPDATE: Email is lolducks(at)
UPDATE:Well if you got here you realize that the update is that the blog is up and the email is ready for your submissions.

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